Benefits of a Vegan Diet for Yogis

Vegan Yoga Retreat - Ahimsa Food

Nowadays more and more people are into yoga, which undoubtedly has benefited their health in many ways, such as improved respiration, weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health. While yogis have a world of choices in food, many who want to follow a stricter path are opting to become vegan. This follows from the ancient yogic tradition of Ahimsa, or “do no harm.” In ancient times, yogis ate dairy products, but now because of the horrors of modern mechanized dairy production, serious practitioners of Ahimsa often opt to avoid any dairy products and simply go vegan.

While practicing the principle of Ahimsa, being a Vegan does not just include being a non-violent person but also reflects on the food it consumes. First being coined and practiced in 1944, a vegan does not eat meat, fish or poultry and excludes animal by-product like eggs and dairies in their meal. The primary reason why vegans do not eat a meat/dairy-based food is the way animals are being slaughtered or exploited just for our food.

How does being a Vegan benefits your Yoga Practice?

First, let us deal with the spiritual side of yoga. The various yoga poses aim to freely direct the flow of energy in the body. Ahimsa pratitioners belive that when you eat meat, you absorb the negativity energy (pain/fear) the animal felt while it is being killed or suffered during confinement and exploitation. This can block the free flow of energy and one’s overall spiritual development.

Second, many people who become vegan are highly empathetic, especially when it comes to animals. Eating them causes a deep sense of guilt and perhaps shame, and this darkens the soul. Choosing a path which relieves the suffering of animals lightens one’s spirit and allows for a more peaceful existence in which the yogic path thrives.

Third, since vegan foods are filled with vitamins, minerals and other forms of nutrients, one’s body will be loaded with plenty of energy and lower in toxins, providing enhanced ability to do yoga.

Vegan Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

Several places offer vegan yoga retreats, or a vegan option. These include:

Anamaya Resort: Vegan Yoga Retreats at Anamaya
Finca de Vida: Communal Kitchen
The Sanctuary at Two Rivers: Vegan/Vegetarian Options

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