Your Zen Yoga

Dori Matthews Thomsen, a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training instructor, is one of the most dedicated yoga teachers in this region. She is passionate about yoga and always ready to help you explore, deepen and enrich your yoga practice. She is not only a yoga instructor, she is a certified Ancient Thai Message instructor too.


She offers different types of services including Restorative Yoga, Hot Detox, Meditation and Breathing exercises. Another especial feature of Your Zen Yoga is SUP yoga and Fitness. Your Zen Yoga offers customized services for your  own yoga retreat. Just bring your group and Your Zen Yoga will arrange all other things for you.  Private instruction for groups, couples, and individuals is highly recommended.

Your Zen Yoga

Dori customize and readjust her method according to the needs of individual. As every person is different and his/her needs are also different than others. That’s why Dori focuses on individual’s need. She believes Yoga is a personal journey. Intigrating a Hatha, Vinyasa, & Restorative Yoga style practice with Meditation & Pranayama, Dori has developed her own teaching method, effective yet easy to learn.

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Vinyasa Detox Flow

Vinyasa yoga, in which movement is synchronized to the breath, is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. Dori designed her classes using this flow yoga to detoxify your body. This is a great opportunity to Purify Your Body, Mind, and Spirit with Dori’s Vinyasa Detox Flow, a step-by-step guided yoga session to help you remove the physical and emotional impurities that prevent you from achieving your optimal health.

Hatha and Restorative Yoga

Dori’s Hatha yoga classes begin and end with Restorative poses, with the active poses in the middle. In a typical Hatha yoga class, we focus on only Hatha Yoga poses while in a Restorative class, the entire practice consists of restorative poses. But dori combines the teachings of both the disciplines and has designed an unique method.

SUP yoga

Stand-up paddle boarding, or SUP, is a new water sport. It is an amazing cross-training sport, as it is low impact on all joints and is also being used to improve balance and core strength for people recovering from serious injuries. SUP Yoga will tone your core, build your stability and provide you with a fun learning environment to play and have fun with your practice outside the studio. SUP yoga is easier and more fun than you might guess.



Dori Matthews Thomsen
Telephone: +011 (506) 8977-7701
Skype: dori.matthews

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