Yoga Rica

Their vision is to create environmental and spiritual awareness. Incorporating the teachings of dance, movement research, arts and sciences with yogic philosophy, they have developed a unique way of physio-spiritual transformation. They provide guidelines for leading a healthier, happier life for bringing spiritual awareness into a social context. Master teachers, yoga instructors and spiritual leaders come here to share their knowledge. The remote, natural and sacred locations in Costa Rica provide perfect environment for a transformational journey.


women in white practicing yoga


Where Dance and Yoga Meet

A very special retreat for adventurous dancing yogi souls. Longevity and sustaining yourself is the central theme as they delve into an amazing nature and body experience in Montezuma, Costa Rica, one of the blue zones of the planet. Ireni’s background as professional dancer supports her extensive knowledge in helping the dancer in you explore sustainable practices thru yoga and yogis in you to explore inspirational dance and movement freedom.


Women practicing outdoor yoga


Redefining Mid life Adventure Retreat 45+


At Yoga Rica they treat the aging process as a point in time when we rediscover our  inner-wisdom, maturity and freedom! Explore the depths of your inner-self only to surface into a tropical dream. It’s a journey of mindful yoga presenting you the longevity ingredients to make you balanced not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. You will find yourself more beautiful, wise and happy. Yoga Rica is not your destination, it’s a journey, a transformation to experience life as a whole new wild adventure.

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This journey guides you through daily eco yoga in touch with the blessings of nature. You will do yoga on beautiful shores and island beaches in a “dream boat tour.”  Just visualize yourself on a Mystical Horseback meditation bliss ride along the amazing coast of Montezuma, arriving in the presence of a powerful waterfall dropping into the sea. Delight in gourmet cooking romanced by Mediterranean tropical blends by the best chefs in the area.

Thai Yoga Massage

Harold, one of the best massage experts in the area, learned the tradition of Northern India Tai Yoga massage. This is a special type of massage that is rooted in the Buddhist culture showing that simplicity is the path to bring peace and tranquility to the modern man, helping him to regain a state of health, happiness and inner-joy.

woman enjoying yoga massage

Somatic Bodywork

The term somatic means ‘of the body’ – relating to the body. Soma signifies “body“ in Greek, somatic is a science movement that enhances our awareness to the anatomy of our body on many levels such as: skeletal, muscular, cellular, organs and breathing vessels. The body as a whole is the most important home we live in. This is not only a bodywork, it’s a process of mind-body alignment.


man enjoying somatic bodywork


Southern Nicoya Peninsula in Montezuma & Cabuya

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

As their locations are private and secluded sites, you need to reserve to know details and Each location is announced before the event.

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