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An Eden Prairie resident and long-time Yoga teacher and practitioner, Karen Kinnard is the owner of Yoga Prairie. The instructors, who has completed a minimum of 200 hours of Yoga teacher training certification and experienced enough they teach in this studio.  Yoga Prairie is also a state-licensed career school for yoga teachers in Minnesota. This studio emphasize correct alignment in Yoga postures so that the students can be benefited fully. The teacher will give you proper guidance so that you can avoid the risk of injury.

Women practicing Yoga in Yoga Prairie

You will find intimate community atmosphere in the Yoga studio. You will get the opportunity to make new friends and it will obviously make your learning more enjoyable and effective.


Yoga Prairie, LLC is located in thriving community in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.This studio offers Yoga session that contributes to your well being and peace of mind. It also offers a rare opportunity to simply be quiet and focus on personal well being.


To sign up for a class you can drop in 10 minutes before that class starts. For the beginners it is better to take 6 to 8 beginner classes first.But the advanced yogis can join any of the classes offered by the studio except the vinyasa, Ashtanga or Level 2 classes welcome new students. Yoga Prairie gives the priority for the students to learn how to practice Yoga without facing any difficulty and feel comfortable in the class.

Yoga Prairie offers daily Yoga classes and a state-licensed career school for yoga teacher training.  A unique staff of experienced, certified yoga instructors will guide the students. In this studio you will meet 3 master Yoga teachers who are dedicated to their craft by continually taking additional training and staying up-to-date on Yoga teaching techniques, yoga therapy, and the latest findings in the ancient yoga practices. 

The style of Yoga that followed by the studio emphasizes on practicing with correct physical alignment. This practice will help you to align with body, mind and soul and you will become more aware of physical sensations, breathing, letting go of distracting thoughts, and align with your spiritual life – no matter what religion you practice. This practice will also deepen your connection to your own personal inner life.


  1. Private/Therapeutic Yoga Sessions
  2. Wellness & Personal Coaching
  3. Reiki Treatment
  4. Holistic Weight Management Program


Yoga Prairie

Studio address:  8783 Columbine Rd., Eden Prairie, MN
Mailing address:  P.O. Box 44976, Eden Prairie, MN  55344
Studio Phone:  952-944-6096 (voice mail)
Email us:

Phone: 952-451-8045 (cell)

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