Yoga for Kids

kids with mom practicing back-bending

Yoga is an ancient method consists of many physical, mental, emotional workouts which are beneficial not only for adults but also for kids. Childhood is the pick time for learning anything so if the kids get opportunity for learning Yoga, mediation and other physio-psychological activities in their early age, they can keep practicing in their latter life. There are a lot of Yoga techniques including different types of physical postures among which every some selective postures are recommended for the kids. But there are some questions appear in the parents’ mind such as ‘Is it really important to practice Yoga for a kid and if it is then why?’, ‘Is practicing Yoga safe for the kids?’ Here we are going to find the answer of these questions so that parents inspire their kids to practice Yoga.

Now a days kids have to keep themselves busy in many types of activities such as study, social works, different types of competitions, cultural activities, sports etc. So they always stay in a hurry-up world which causes enormous stress on their body and mind. Yoga is the perfect way for fight these pressures.

Kids usually not much stable and can not concentrate in one thing for a long period of time. Yoga can make them steady enough and can increase their concentration. If the kids get opportunity to practice Yoga for some moments daily, it will make huge change in their life. They will be able to keep stamina for a long period of time and can participate in any types of creative work or competitive sports.

School going kids usually have to take a lot of pressure. They have to carry a huge bag full of books and notebooks along with them. For the huge pressure of schools kids lose strength, energy and stamina and sometimes lose interest in study. If the kids practice Yoga regularly they will be able to keep themselves energetic, and strong enough to face any kind of situation and to maintain their responsibilities.

 As the kids usually take part in many kinds of competitive sports, they need to maintain a flexible body and steady mind. Kids who do not practice Yoga, their body become stiff which make them unable for practicing Yoga. On the other hand kids who practice Yoga regularly, they get flexible body and a properly balanced body which helps them to avoid injuries. They can maintain mind-body alignment.

There are some common diseases among kids and adults such as cardiovascular diseases which can be prevented by cardiovascular diseases. Regular practice of Yoga can make the kids balanced and fit, and improves liveliness, coordination and cardiovascular fitness of the kids. Yoga also includes Pranayamas or breathing exercises which helps the kids to breathe systematically and by this process they can get rid of any kinds of stress, tension or anxiety.

Not only physically but also mentally the kids can be benefited. Regular practice of yoga makes their mind calm, focused, stable, and concentrated. If they can become more attentive in their study, they can ultimately gain their goal in adulthood.  Yoga improves their self realization so they can take proper decision in their life. They can understand what they really want and can work for achieving their goal. Everyday Yoga teaches them how to maintain a disciplined and balanced life, what should be their view towards life, towards other creature of the world. They start to feel love for all around the world, they become more responsible.

If kids find a place for practicing in a group, their communication skill will also be increased. They will love to participate in social activities and will share their thoughts and feelings with others. If they can practice Yoga with their family members, they will understand the family bonding and will feel secure.

Whatever Yoga techniques kids will follow, it should be selected by an expert instructor so that they can practice comfortably and there is not any chance of getting injured. Parents should careful about selecting the place for their kids where they will practice, the place should be open, airy, and clean and the room temperature should be perfect. The instructor, under whose guidance the kids will practice Yoga, should ensure that there is enough supply of drinking water and Yoga equipments such as yoga mat, comfortable clothing, yoga ball, blocks etc. Ensure the quality of Yoga mat and balls to prevent slipping.

The instructor should be trained enough and should understand child psychology so that he/she can teach the kids properly. Most important thing is parents should consult with a doctor and take permission before allowing the kids to practice Yoga.

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