Yoga for Detox

woman doing warrior pose on the beach

The process of eliminating toxins or harmful elements from our body is called detoxification. By practicing Yoga especially by doing Hot Yoga we can detoxify our body easily. We can also neutralize or transform the toxins. Every day from air, minerals, foods we are inputting toxins in our body and becoming unhealthy day by day. All of these toxins make our digestion system poor, and many organs can not function properly.

We unconsciously are taking in our body some toxins and harmful elements while we are eating something or drinking. For getting relieved of diseases we take drug which also make toxins in our body. Some of us fond of taking alcohol or smoking, a lot of sugar or may be refined food. All of these can create toxins in our body. Fuel of transport can also be a source of toxin. Even the products we used to use such as clothing, perfume, soap, cleaning products, cosmetics may also cause toxin. Aluminum cans of soft drinks and cooking materials all of these are also responsible for the toxins of our body. If we become conscious and aware about our food and drinks, we can easily keep our body toxin free. If we drink purified water and enough vegetables and fruits, it will be easier to detoxify our body.

An ancient method Yoga consists of many physical workouts, breathing exercises and mental workouts which can help us to detoxify our body.  While practicing some specific physical postures, different parts of the body is pushed, pulled, twisted, turned and upended. Some poses systematically stretches and compress different organs of the body, and keeps the waste-removal departments of the body functioning well. We have to maintain regularity in practice and can add walking, running, cycling, and swimming in our Yoga routine so that we can keep our body toxin free always.

There are many types of Yoga techniques but Hot Yoga such as Bikram Yoga is more effective as it is consists of 26 physical postures which should be performed as a sequence (without any break) and in a heated (about 104 degree F) room. While practicing Bikram Yoga, the participants usually sweat very much and with the sweating toxins come out from the body. Following poses are very beneficial for detoxifying our body:

  1. Downward Dog
  2. Plank
  3. Legs up the wall
  4. Boat poses
  5. Awkward pose or chair pose
  6. Seated Twist
  7. Twisting Lunge
  8. Warrior
  9. Reclining Twist
  10. The Twist Marichyasana3

By practicing Yoga one can not only remove physical toxins but also can get rid of mental detox. Yoga includes breathing exercises and mental workouts like meditations which help us to control our negative feelings, to make our mind tension free, and keep it away from jealousy and selfishness and we can always stay in the present moment. Yoga not only cleanses our body but also cleanses our mind.

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