Via Yoga

Via Yoga, one of the world’s 9 amazing yoga retreat destinations, is a Yoga retreat center that ensures ultimate bliss, an escape you’ve been craving. Tasty foods, sunset margaritas, yoga and meditation sessions will help you to escape the hectic pace of everyday life. You will be experiencing the sights, sounds and tastes of a different culture via yoga.

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Via Yoga Sessions

To ensure personal development, Via Yoga arranges Yoga sessions that increase the strength, flexibility, and balance in the mind and the body. These Yoga sessions will enrich you both physically and mentally, both on and off your mat. Friendly environment and lovely teachers will help you to learn Yogic teachings. Experienced instructors will guide you through your Yogic journey.

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They will help you see how your practice can translate to your daily life.Open-air studio, spacious exercise centers and like minded co-learners will help you through out the sessions. Sometimes you will find yourself relaxing, sometimes facing challenges and sometimes helping others to get higher physio-spiritual experiences.


Yoga Retreats


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Fabulous and 40

This is an unique retreat designed specially for the women turning 40. This life changing retreat includes world-class yoga instruction, surf lessons, healthy eating and some much deserved pampering. You will learn the secrets of divine feminine existence and rediscover the latent feminine power within you. You will become totally a different person both physically and mentally. Staying 4 nights at Villa Amor you will enjoy two 90 minute Yoga or Pilate classes daily. Morning meditation classes will make you refreshed and revitalized. Surfing lessons will make you familiar with the surfing bliss. One i hour massage session will give your body an amazing feeling of heavenly tough. You can enjoy this retreat with a friend or a group of friends.

Digital Detox

As the Via Yoga host will take care of the details, you will have the opportunity to relax and calm your mind. So get rid of hectic life and relax while enjoying the beauty of the mother Earth.Perfect environment and healthy foods will refresh your mind and body.

 Discounted Private Villa @ $1895

This is the cheapest option that Via Yoga offers. Cheapest but excellent! As accommodation cost becomes as low as $1895 for double occupancy or $2195 for single occupancy, you can effort other facilities easily.




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Costa Rica Yoga and Surf retreats are held at Harmony Hotel, a 24-room boutique hotel, that provides all the facilities you have been craving. They selected Harmony to host their retreats as this hotel has been awarded the highest level of the prestigious Certificate for Sustainable Tourism. Not only that, it is one the greenest operated hotels in the country. Harmony hotel is the perfect setting for the people to get in tune with their natural rhythm. During your stay at The Harmony Hotel you will play hard, relax deeply and get in tune with your natural rhythms.

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Via Yoga

2212 Queen Anne Ave. N. #518
Seattle, WA 98109-2312

1-206-216-4849 or
1-800-603-YOGA (9642)


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