Top 5 Cantons of Puntarenas Province


It is one of the most populated municipalities of Costa Rica. It is also one of the two municipalities whose territory is cut by a gulf, in this case the Gulf of Nicoya. This province was inhabited by indigenous Bruncas, Coctos and Buricas. Aboriginal Huetares was dwelling in the central part of the province, from Herradura to the mouth of the river Diquis.

The canton of Puntarenas is subdivided into 16 distritos:

  1. Puntarenas
  2. Pitahaya
  3. Chomes
  4. Lepanto



The present territory of the canton of Esparza was an area inhabited by indigenous cultures chorotega and Huetar. Esparza was the second canton of Alajuela province. But on 6 November of 1851 it was declared a province of Puntarenas by the executive decree n. # 8.

The canton of Esparza is subdivided into 5 distritos:

  1. Espíritu Santo
  2. San Juan Grande
  3. Macacona
  4. San Rafael
  5. San Jerónimo


Buenos Aires

In pre-Columbian times the territory that now the canton of Buenos Aires was inhabited by indigenous group called the Brunca or Boruca. The canton of Buenos Aires is geologically constituted during Tertiary and Quaternary periods. This is the third canton in the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica.

The canton of Buenos Aires is subdivided into 9 distritos:

  1. Buenos Aires
  2. Volcán
  3. Potrero Grande
  4. Boruca
  5. Pilas
  6. Colinas
  7. Chánguena
  8. Biolley
  9. Brunka


Montes de Oro

Montes de Oro is the fourth canton in the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica. Montes de Oro (Mountain of Gold) has to do with rich gold deposits in the mountains of the area. The canton seat is called Miramar which means “sea view”. The nearest places to Canton de Montes de Oro are Rio Seco (1100 meters southeast), Miramar (2 km southwest), Zagala Vieja (4 km east), Delicias (4 km southwest), and La Isla (4 km southwest).

The canton of Montes de Oro is subdivided into three distritos:

  1. Miramar
  2. La Unión
  3. San Isidro



The canton of Osa is one of the favorite destinations of tourists in the south of Costa Rica because of its many fun opportunities that exist in the county. Including panoramic mountain views of Doll in Ciudad Cortés and the canopy tour and countless beaches and the beach and beach Arch windows which are very beautiful. During pre-Columbian times this area was inhabited by Brunca.

The canton of Osa is subdivided into 5 distritos:

  1. Cortés
  2. Palmar
  3. Sierpe
  4. Bahía Ballena
  5. Piedras Blancas


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