Tierra de YOGA

Tierra de YOGA came alive from the passion and dedication of Yoga and Wellness instructors, students, clientele and tourists seeking a healthy, happy and fun way to elevate and enhance their yoga practise in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.This is an excellent health center located in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

yoga class at Tierra de Yoga

Tierra de YOGA offers daily classes. An amazing group of experienced instructors, friendly facilitators and lovely hosts are the best assets of Tierra de YOGA. It’s a place of inspiration, a center of personal development and a doorway to peace and happiness. They have developed a pure holistic approach to living, breathing and moving.

200 Hr Teacher Training with Tierra de YOGA


Tierra de Yoga YTT

Tierra de Yoga for a 200 hour teacher training is designed to help you immerse your self in the heart of the jungle and learn while incorporating the yoga basics of serenity, focus and peace. This 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is an amazing opportunity for the students and teachers to live their life to their fullest potential. So come and enjoy a life free from depression, anxiety and stress. This is an all inclusive yoga teacher training.

Dr. Kevin Fleming Couples Retreats


Dr. Kevin Fleming Couples Retreats


The idea is unique, innovative and above all effective. This is not like traditional behavior therapy where counselors use a per-determined way to treat each and every client. But the world of behavior change is complex and each and every case is unique. So we need a radical new approach. That’s where Dr. Kelvin works. He has developed a new couple and marriage retreat that offers

  • Top notch decision making profiles and alignment assessments that will guide the time together
  • Laid back, comfortable, casual dialogues with laser sharp insight provide relaxation with intentionality
  • A program of behavior change for couples that goes beyond the “words we use”. Principles of transformation that trumps our brain’s desire to say the right things and do another.

Bikini BOOTCAMP Retreat & Live Stream with Tierra de YOGA


Bikini BOOTCAMP Retreat


Unlike traditional weight loss vacations, yoga retreats, or fitness holidays, Bikini Bootcamp combines the unique experience of Costa Rica with a morning swim and walk on its pristine beaches. It’s a unique combination of high energy exercise, holistic eating, adventure tours, yoga, relaxation treatments and pampering. It’s a highly effective retreat that rejuvenates your body and revitalizes your mind.

Jessica Ballard-Relaxing, Transformative, and invigorating all inclusive Yoga Experience!


Jessica Ballard practicing headstand


Jessica first discovered yoga more than seven years ago—drawn to the overall peace and contentment that it brought into her life. After discovering yoga, Jessica quickly became passionate about it. She developed a transformative and revitalizing yoga discipline that work almost for everyone.

Kristy Wright SchellYoga & Stand Up Retreat with teacher Training Option


Kristy Wright Schell Yoga


Kristy,a  Certified Yoga Instructor (RYS 200hour) and 80 hour Yhot Yoga certified teacher, started teaching yoga 2 years ago, but has been practicing for almost 10 years, after completing her training in Whistler, BC she now resides in Vancouver, BC Canada. Spending most of her time teaching in and around studios and gyms in Vancouver. She gives you the amazing opportunity to practice yoga, meditate and learn to stand up paddle taking your yoga practice to a moving mat.

There are some more retreats other than these five retreats including-

Brad & Rosemary Fogelman- Pilates & Surf Retreat Experience!
Detox, Cleanse & Transform Yoga Retreat
Dr. Mona Tranter & Tierra de Yoga- Wake up with Mona Retreat
Bikini BOOTCAMP Yoga & Fitness Adventure!


Tierra de YOGA

Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica

Tel Toll Free: (855) 481-1109

Tel Canada or US: (705) 481-1109

Tel Costa Rica: (506) 2750-0378

Email: info@tierradeyoga.com​

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