Ten Fabulous Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica


People who are planning for a vacation in Costa Rica and also want to enjoy Yoga sessions or workshops they can chose one of the Yoga retreats and light up their vacation spiritually. There are many amazing Yoga retreats in this country and here goes 10 of those to chose from:

Anamaya Resort

This is a health-oriented exotic boutique hotel with a special focus on yoga. This resort is situated right next to Montezuma Falls. While staying at this hotel, you will enjoy Yoga classes amidst the oceanic views and amazing nature. Since opening in December of 2009, this resort is offering several yoga teacher training each year, usually one month long. Yoga classes are instructed by experienced instructors. This resort also offers Spa services along with Yoga classes. Each of the instructors are specially trained in one area so that they can help the practitioners master that art to the fullest. Here you will enjoy delicious meals prepared with organic products. This resort is featured with all the amenities and facilities to ensure its guests can enjoy a comfortable vacation.

Website: http://www.anamayaresort.com

Danyasa Eco-Resort and Retreat

Woman practicing YogaThis retreat center is perfect for those people who are planning to take Yoga lesson near the mountains and rain forests of Costa Rica. A unique feature of this resort is the ‘Bamboo Yoga Play” which was developed by Sofiah who also conducts sessions on it. People who want to be Yoga teacher, they can join 200 hour Arts Teacher Training offered in this resort and this session is applicable for the 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registry as well. If you wish you can also opt for a private Yoga class in the studio or in private.

Website: http://www.danyasa.com

Blue Spirit

Located in Nosara, Blue Spirit is one of the Premiere Yoga Retreat centers in Costa Rica. This center offers a variety of Yoga courses that is uniquely designed and focuses on different purposes. This resort has three motto- a pleasing environment, personal training and spiritual wellness. While staying at this resort you will enjoy standard facilities, comfortable accommodation, vegetarian cuisine, holistic spa services and will also enjoy different types of excursions.

Website: http://bluespiritcostarica.com

Luna Lodge

Nestled in the pristine and captivating Osa Peninsula near Corcovado National Park, Luna Lodge is a self contained ecolodge. Opened in 2000, this ecolodge is secluded in the tropical rain forest. This lodge has a 1600 square feet open-air rustically elegant retreat center perfect for a large group to enjoy Yoga, Tai Chi and massage therapy. People who want to participate in one of several Yoga or other retreats, they will find this lodge perfect. Yoga instructors can also visit the lodge for group’s retreat or workshops. This lodge is surrounded by beautiful rainforest that is great for enjoying meditation, guided relaxation, creative writing, vocalization and business workshops. If you want to escape away from the daily harsh life and spend some tranquil time as well as don’t want to miss your daily physical workouts, you can choose this lodge.

Website: http://lunalodge.com

Montezuma Yoga

People who want to do yoga in an open, wooden pavilion as well as want to enjoy amazing ocean view at the time of doing workouts, they will find this retreat center perfect. This center offers yoga classes for all levels. The lodge provides all the necessary Yoga mats and props.  The people over there have 12 years of experience of doing Yoga. This lodge also offers a variety of yoga packages and you can choose the most convenient for you and your family. If you want to attend group retreats with renowned teachers, you can choose this retreat center. Montezuma Yoga arranges group retreats regularly at the Hotel Los Mangoes.

Website: http://www.montezumayoga.com

Nosara Yoga Institute

Located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Nosara Yoga Institute is world-renowned for its professional career training in yoga education. Here you will enjoy doing the yoga workouts in a wonderful place surrounded by the magic of lush jungle and beach. A variety of Yoga retreats are offered by the institute and guided by experienced Yoga instructors. People who want to take Yoga as a profession, they can join the Yoga teacher training and certification program offered by this Institute. Internationally-acclaimed Yoga teachers and founders of the Institute Amba and Don Stapleton help the practitioners to develop their personal yoga practice and also guide the yoga instructors and teachers. Some of the retreats offered by this Institute are also qualify for continuing education credit hours with the Yoga Alliance

Website: http://www.nosarayoga.com


Located in a valley amid forest in the Costa Rica, PachaMama provides the perfect atmosphere of Yoga and meditation. If you are planning for joining a course on Yoga, the PachaMama is just perfect for you. This small village also offers detoxification program and few services that will allow you keep your skin fresh and your Physical and Spiritual growth will find a new meaning. You will be guided by the experienced Yoga teachers and you will learn how to relax and foster oneness in your body, mind and soul. This small village offers the Yoga classes that fit for the beginners as well as for the advanced students. Throughout the year, the PachaMama village offers a variety of Yoga retreats, workshops and courses in addition to the regular daily yoga classes and bi annual Yoga Teacher Training. While enjoying your personal workouts or group workouts, you will also enjoy the beautiful nearby beach view and amazing forest view.

Website: http://www.pachamama.com

Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat

Yoga lovers will find this retreat center perfect. Here you can chose from the Yoga packages for 3 days, 5 days or 7 days and these packages are designed to create mind-body alignment. You will enjoy practicing yoga workouts on the spectacular ocean-view Yoga studio. You can stay at the bungalows or villas and will have all the amenities you need for a perfect comfortable vacation. You can also enjoy spa services to become relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. While staying at this center you will also enjoy free internet service, organic food and many other facilities. This retreat center is close to some of the renowned beaches that will allow you to enjoy surfing and many other beach activities.

Website: http://www.pranamarvillas.com

Pura Vida Spa and Yoga Retreat

This retreat center is another heavenly place for the Yoga lovers. This center is considered as one of the famous Wellness and Yoga destination where you can get opportunity to make a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit in an oasis of beauty, tranquility and home like environment. This retreat center offers a variety of packages including physical workouts, comfortable accommodation, and also delicious meals. While staying at this retreat center you will also enjoy exploring the amazing beauty of the rain forest and the wildlife. In this hotel you will also find high-speed internet, well furnished accommodation, swimming pool, restaurant and bar.

Website: http://www.rrresorts.com/f.html#/pura_vida_spa

Samasati Nature Retreats

This retreat center is situated on the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. People who love to do Yoga and planning for a vacation in a natural setting, they will find this center perfect. Here you can also enjoy your own customized Yoga sessions and tours and also can opt for Tailor-made activities. This retreat center offers many types of Yoga retreat such as ‘Partner Yoga Retreat’ and ‘Yoga Retreat for Women’, ‘Yoga week for Single Travelers’ and ‘Yoga Teacher Training’. Yoga classes are designed for all comes from any level-beginners to advanced and the classes are directed by the expert instructor Stephanie McKenzie who has experience of different traditions of yoga

Website: http://www.samasati.com

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