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Travelers who not only want to pursue their passion for yoga, even while on a vacation, The School of the World is the best place for them. Are you looking for a boutique hotel which offers surfing classes, language course and yoga retreat? Want them under one room? School of the World is waiting for you. Here you will find not only yoga retreats but also language courses, surfing retreats and photography workshops.

The amazing architecture and the green plants that hug each side of the school building will make you tranquil and you will sense an breeze of peacefulness. The staffs are very professional yet friendly. A cute cat named Jasper along with others will receive you. Immediately after entering the school building you will discover that it’s a home away from home.

man surfing on a tropical beach

Surf School for Beginners

They have a special training method designed for the beginners. Friendly and experienced instructors will help you learn to surf in the warm tropical waters of Costa Rica. You will learn not only the techniques of paddling, standing, and turning but also the secrets of wave selection and other fundamental skills.


couple ready to explore surfing


Surf Camps and Training for Intermediate/ Advanced Surfers

Great surf depends on a lot of factors including swell direction, tide, wind, time of day, and seasons. Experienced instructors will help you explore best waves around and take your surfing to the next level. They offer intensive and special training workshops for experienced surfers who want to deepen then knowledge and improve their skills.


Couple surfing at a tropical waves


Yoga Courses

Yoga courses are specially designed to help each and every student and meet the needs of every student.Beginners yoga courses will help them to get a perfect start while advanced courses will help the experienced ones to enrich and deepen their practice. These courses are designed not only to increase your flexibility and balance but also to strengthen you so that you can easily practice the surfing techniques.



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Office number if you are in Costa Rica: 2643-246

Office number if you are outside of Costa Rica: +506 2643-2462





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