Rio Shanti

If you are looking for boutique, spa, yoga, and dance center, and all under one roof , then Rio Shanti Rio Shanti is the perfect place for you. Inspired by a love of art, health, wholeness and happiness, Rio Shanti focuses on promoting peace, health and happiness. They have a collection of arts and crafts. You will enjoy relaxing massage in their modern massage center. Want to practice yoga or learn dancing while on a vacation? Just attend a variety of yoga and dance classes.


Logo of Rio Shanti


Housed in the oldest structure in Monteverde called Boehm house, Rio Shanti tried to secure much of it’s past essence and history while developing the site into a center for well being, health and arts. Rio Shanti, a great place for yoga, dance, massage, facials and more, has a great location along the river right in the heart of Monteverde.


front view of rio shanti lodge


Based on the idea that yoga is a divine path to know your true inner-self, Rio Shanti has developed some unique yoga courses which will help you to get total mind-body alignment. Hyou will find different types of Yoga classes including Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

women practicing warrior pose

Yoga at Rio Shanti

All Level Yoga

These sessions are designed such a way that students from all levels will be benefited. Beginner will get a perfect start from the sessions while advanced level students will find some sessions really challenging. Katy and Natalya, very experienced and friendly instructors, will guide you throughout the sessions.

Yoga, Breath, and Meditation Class is

Based on the teachings of traditional Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Yoga is a gentle and invigorating class. You will learn not only some baasic yoga stretches but also some breathing techniques. At the end of each session there is a meditation session.

Group of peaple practicing salsa at rio shanti

Dance at Rio Shanti

You can learn Brazilian and Afro-Cuban Caribbean Dance here is Rio Shanti. Love Zumba? Rio Shanti offers  A rock’n work-out to the great Latin rhythms salsa, merengue, reggaeton, hip-hop, and bachataclass. There is also Ballet class for beginners and a Hip Hop dance class.


Rio Shanti

Natalya and Taylor Talmage
Apartado 135-5655
Monteverde, Puntarenas
Costa Rica
tel: 506-2645-6121


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