Reflexion Yoga Tamarindo – Yoga Therapy and Raw Foods

This is one of the very few places that incorporate ancient Yogic teachings with modern technologies. Their true holistic approach will give you an amazing feeling of mind-body alignment. Their certified therapists include a team of professional yoga teachers, eastern medicine practitioners, macrobiotic nutritionist and raw foods chef. Therapeutic sessions and alternative medicine for natural healing will revitalize your immune system. A perfect mix of hatha yoga postures and Thai massage, these sessions will regenerate healthy cells and improve spinal function.

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This is now evident that  meditation is beneficial both physically and mentally. They use the simplest but effective way of meditation called breathing meditation. Guided meditation sessions will teach you how to calm your mind and establish an inter connection with your inner-self.

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Aqua Yoga

Aqua Yoga is a perfect combination of kayak fishing,paddle board yoga and windsurfing.Catamaran cruise, canopy and biking will make your days most exiting and unforgettable. Their surf lessons include Aqua Yoga therapy. Exclusive menu includes Fresh Raw, Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine.

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Daily workshops, trainings, and relaxation treatments will help you to improve you level. Sometimes you will find these sessions relaxing and sometimes challenging. Down to dusk sessions will revitalize you. Fresh raw foods will make your body refreshed and energized.

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Tamarindo Yoga Therapy and Raw Foods

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