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Nosara Wellness is a wellness studio in Playa Pelada that offers a different form of yoga called Aerial Yoga. It uses slings and hammocks and various compromising positions. They offers massage, Pilates and sports rehab, acupuncture and dance classes. Nosara Wellness offers different types of services and courses in the areas of Physical Therapy, Body Massage and other healing modalities, Pilates, Yoga, Dance and Fitness as well as personalized health and wellness counseling.

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Tucked at the top of the mountain in Southern Pelada, Nosara Wellness’s land sprawls as far as the eye can see. Self responsible health and fitness, an alternative wellness approach, has been developed by Nasara Wellness. They provide you with services, instruction and ideas which will lead you to self responsible health and fitness. They help you bring a positive change in your lifestyle.

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Nosara Wellness is the perfect place to develop a healthy lifestyle. This is the place where you develop body awareness through professional health and fitness services at Nosara Wellness. Features and facilities of Nosara Wellness Center include but not limited to the air conditioned, wheel chair accessible therapy studio; an open air fitness space and the 25 yard swimming pool.

Nosara Wellness is one of the most sophisticated and well-appointed fitness facilities in Nosara. This Wellness Center offers advanced fitness equipment and customized programs. It offers programs and activities that are designed specifically for those who are looking to continue their active lifestyles. This place is beautiful with its lush tropical surroundings and the sound of the waves crashing only steps away.

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Vinyasa Yoga Flow – All levels with Heidi Hermsmeyer

Vinyasa yoga flow is one of the most popular styles of yoga for its fast-paced, fitness approach. Nosara Wellness offers an especially  designed vinyasa course suitable for all levels of yogis. This course helps the practitioners to build more peace, strength and alignment in their practice. Incorporating breathing exercises with classical yoga poses, instructors in Nosara Wellness focus on total mind-body-spirit alignment.

Aerial Yoga – private classes with Hayley MacMillan-Ord (1 to 7 students)

Aerial Yoga, a new type of Yoga that uses a circus hammock as a tool, is a unique fusion technique, revolutionary in relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe. Aerial Yoga combines traditional Yoga with the physical training of an Aerialist. One can actually practice the various poses and movements while suspended a few inches off the ground through Aerial Yoga. It is a complete workout that is certain to get you in shape while realigning you from the compression of gravity.

Yamuna Body Rolling private classes with Hayley  (1 to 7 students)

Yamuna Body Rolling has a lot of health benefits including but not limited to increased flexibility, improved blood circulation through fascia and muscles, the breaking down of scar tissue. This is a system using a ball as a body tool to help in shape women and men and anyone else to stay healthy and flexible. It’s a highly rigorous, systematic approach to stretching, releasing, massaging,  toning & building muscle , and creating bone density.


Nosara Wellness

Apdo 97, 5233
Nosara, Costa Rica
(506) 2682 0360
(506) 8812 1232

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