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Gentle Earth Retreats is a relaxing vacation which will rejuvenate and re-energize you. Mundo Tranquilo offers you a unique body cleansing program. Using vegetable and fruit juice, they have made this program 100% organic. Want to rejuvenate your health? or loose some weight? Yoga and Gourmet health food is the perfect program for you. These unique and effective programs are usually offered during November-May session. The tranquil and beautiful village of Cabuya, where they host these  programs, is waiting for you.

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There are different accommodation plans for you. If you want to stay one week, you can select a private room with a private bathroom or you can have a shared room. Same options are open for you if you want to stay over 10 days.


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Juice Fasting

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This one week long program is the most popular program of Mundo Tranquilo. But you can ask for a longer one if you are interested. Juice fasting improves your digestive system. Cleaning toxins and harmful chemicals from your body it refreshes you. If you want to lower your cholesterol level, then Juice Fasting is one of the most effective programs for you.As one of the safest and most effective ways to detoxify the body, Juice Fasting will rejuvenate and revitalize you.


Gourmet Health Foods Cleanse

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Gourmet Health Foods Cleanse, a detoxification program, has been designed using variety of juices, raw foods, herbal teas, supplements and healthy cooked foods with a high nutrient/low calorie ratio.There are some other cleansing tools that you can use including dry brushing, cleansing teas and beverages,  and enemas.


Yoga and Healthy eating

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This is now evident that foods with a high nutrient/low calorie ratio are essential for maintaining a perfect and healthy body. The concept of high nutrient-low calorie is the core idea used in this program that consists of two daily yoga classes, seminars and a variety of juices, raw foods, herbal teas, supplements and healthy cooked foods.

Weight Loss Programs
women practicing aerial yoga at wooden yoga deck


If you want to lose some weight or burn extra calories, then their expert advisers will guide you throughout the sessions. You can attend yoga and pilate classes to lower your cholesterol level. But the most important thing is that, they will provide you a  meal planning that you can use for a lifetime.


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Costa Rica# 506-2642-0600

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