Mother Nature Yoga Retreat

woman doing triangle pose on sea beach under brilliant blue sky


Looking for a yoga retreat that provides you with health, harmony and happiness. Want to rediscover your true inner-self? Craving for some transformational sessions that will transform you? Then Mother Nature Yoga Retreat is waiting for you.


Casa Grande

While relaxing on one of two king size beds, you will enjoy watching monkeys playing in the mango trees. Surrounded by gardens and wildlife, two private porches will ensure your privacy.Through the large glass wall you can watch the beauty of tropical gardens and wildlife.


beautifully designed kitchen with wooden furniture


Casa Cortes

With it’s open floor plan and large kitchen, Casa Cortes is one of the best places to stay. Want a wrap-around porch to enjoy the sunset?Want to be refreshed with cool ocean breeze? a candlelight dinner with your loved one? You will have each and everything here in Casa Cortes. Gorgeous views of the pool, waterfall and gardens will give you a heavenly experience.

tropical garden with green trees

Casa Arriba

This housed has been designed using natural beauties. A very warm, natural feeling will make you happy, relaxed and comfortable here in Casa Arriba. An elevated porch will help you enjoy the ocean and garden. This is the perfect place to get a silent mental transformation.

beautiful cabina designed using wood and bamboo

Yoga classes

2 Daily 90 minute Yoga sessions will help you to get refreshed and revitalized. Their 500 square feet open-air pavilion has been built specially for practicing Yoga. This pavilion sits just above the pool and gardens and will ensure amazing view. This excellent pavilion has been designed using local exotic hardwood. This quite, comfortable and shrine like place is perfect for Yoga.


Mother Nature Yoga c/o
Grounded By Yoga
200 Bloomfield
Professional Building
Bloomfield, NY  14469

Phone: (585) 703-4676

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