Krama Yoga Center

Krama Yoga Center has developed a unique teaching method that allows you to evolve consciously. Krama means evolve consciously. This is a step by step process that transforms your mind, body and soul. You will rediscover yourself and develop an awareness of your true SELF through the practice of asanas (postures). Here asanas are not merely some physical postures. In Krama Yoga Center they use asanas to go into a deeper level of consciousness that directs us to an introspection and connect us with our essence.

male yogi doing intense streching

Kula Krama


Krama Yoga Center has created a strong yoga community called  ¨Kula¨. The word “Kula” means brotherhood. All the members of this community work and feel just like a family. They develop a spiritual bonding among the members and let them actively participate in the activities that are proposed by the collective.

a group of people doing boat pose

Krama Yoga Center  publishes a monthly journal and through this journal members of the community communicate with each other, share their feelings and encourage themselves to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Krama School


This program has been designed to help the practitioners learn meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), well being and philosophy that go above and beyond what a normal class would offer.

a group of practitioners doing hatha yoga

It will help you to rediscover your true Self and connect with the Source Energy. They arrange workshops, talks or seminar and special classes to enrich your knowledge about yoga and yogic philosophy.


 Krama Solidarity


INWARD: This is a Scholarship program designed to help students that find it difficult to meet the costs of study because of financial difficulties. The procedure is easy and stuffs are friendly enough. They arrange Friday night classes which are free and open for the whole community.

a group of people doing boat pose

OUTWARD: This part of the program has been designed to develop a social awareness. They invite the community to participate and all help gathered will be optimally channeled and this is to increase a participatory attitude.

        Krama Yoga Classes

  • Floor Acrobatics
  • Ballet
  • Aerial Dance
  • Hot Yoga
  • Joyful Yoga
  • KulaYoga (advanced level)
  • Meditation in motion
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Slow Flow
  • Trapeze
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Kids Yoga


From San José / Escazú:
De la rotonda de Multiplaza 1km noroeste, contiguo al Colegio Blue Valley.

From Santa Ana:
De la rotonda de Constru-Plaza 800 metros noreste, contiguo al Colegio Blue Valley.

Ofi-bodegas “Capri” – Bodega #1.

Guachipelín, Escazú, Costa Rica.

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