Inward Bound Healing retreats in Costa Rica

Inward Bound was established 17 years ago. This company is a boutique-lifestyle retreat company offers healthy eating, yoga and meditation sessions, juice fasting, detoxifying cleanses and specialty training which ultimately rejuvenate and inspire you to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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Inward Bound Team:

The owner, director and facilitator is Quen Koetter.As a cleanse facilitator Menlha Bruneau is working. Deva Mitra is working as acupuncturist, intuitive healer, retreat facilitator.And Joy Burch is present as a lifestyle counselor. You will meet this people while stay in the retreat for a vacation. They will transfer your Yoga vacation to an intentional and inspired holiday. You will be able to relax, purify your mind body and soul and rejuvenate in peaceful and eco-friendly environment. You will learn more about healthy eating, cleansing, Yoga and Meditation and lifestyle choices from the Inward bound team.

7-Day Juice Cleanse, Yoga & Meditation Retreat:

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A 7-Day Juice Cleanse, Yoga and Meditation Retreat will make you more aware and conscious about you physical and health. Quen Koetter will offer daily Yin Yoga classes, meditation instruction and Yoga nidra which will facilitate a deeper connection to source and clarity of purpose. Throughout the week you will also can join the dharma and nutrition talks and many other healing bodywork sessions.

Rejuvenating Retreat also includes:

  1. At Hacienda del Sol 7 nights accommodation facility.
  2. Delicious raw food meal
  3. 5 day juice fast
  4. Daily Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation class with Quen
  5. Giving and receiving abdominal massage
  6. 2 colon cleansing a day
  7. Skin cleansing clay baths
  8. Giving and receiving abdominal massage
  9. Group acupuncture session with Deva Mitra
  10. Group sharing and inspiration

5 Elements Detox Retreat:

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In the natural beauty of the Costa Rican jungle you can join Deva Mitra and Quen Koetter for a 7 day detoxifying, 5 elemental approach to cleansing mind, body and soul. This retreat will also offer a pH balanced diet and 3 day organic juice fast,yoga and acupuncture which will help you to purify, renew and nourish your life and will make you more energetic. Five essential qualities of life force energy found in nature, earth, fire, water, wood and metal and these 5 life force energy are described by the 5 elements which symbolizes a part of the body. You will be able to balance the 5 elements by working directly through diet, yoga and acupuncture.

This retreat package also includes:

  1. 3 day organic juice fast
  2. Daily lectures
  3. A wellness consultation and daily acupuncture
  4. Healing circles including elements of Shiatsu and energy work.
  5. Yoga Nidra and Meditation
  6. Daily pH balanced and healthful meals
  7. Daily Yin Yoga
  8. 7 nights boutique hotel accommodation at Bella Vista Mar

Deepen into Divine Love Workshop:


For 3 days intensive and healing physically and psychologically you can join 3 days workshop with Australian Powerhouse Spiritual Teacher Channel and Master Healer Suzy Meszoly and Israeli Master Intuitive Healer, Acupuncturist and Light Workshop Leader Deva Mitra. For their retreats, teachings and powerful healing, these international teachers are world renown. During the workshop they will guide each participant to increase their vital health and will also support them for deepening into a higher frequency expanding into their 12 strand DNA and also the Divine Light Body.

This workshop also includes:

  1. Daily group acupuncture with Deva Mitra
  2. Daily gentle yoga classes
  3. Daily group healing sessions with Suzy & Deva Mitra
  4. Daily morning meditation with Suzy & Deva Mitra
  5. Daily channeling & teachings with Suzy & Deva Mitra
  6. Personal free time


Inward Bound Healing retreats in Costa Rica


Call: (506) 8984-1410

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