Hacienda Del Sol

If you are going for a quick cleanse or yoga immersion, you are likely to have a good experience here in Hacienda Del Sol. This is a beautiful retreat center located in the jungle of Guanacaste which can accommodate up to thirty persons. It has all the facilities you need to host Yoga retreat or Yoga Teacher Training. Hacienda del Sol, a mostly vegetarian center providing a wide range of healthy food, is getting popular very rapidly among the Yoga teachers and practitioners.



The serenity of the Costa Rican jungle and Pacific Ocean come together for you in this sacred place of healing called Hacienda del Sol. Nourish yourself with yoga retreats, raw food workshops, cleanses, meditation, hikes, dance, craniosacral therapy, deep tissue massage, local excursions and more.


Kootenay School of Rebalancing

Physical or emotional imbalances create negative energy and vibration within the body. Re-balancing is a bodywork designed specially to get rid of this negative energy. This a mental detoxification process designed to create a positive and friendly environment for students during the certification process.



Yoga, Surf & Raw Food Retreat

This vacation is perfect for the ones who want to let their taste buds come alive with healthy raw vegan meals, see some of the real Costa Rica, and nourish themselved while they move and flow in creative vinyasa, specially designed to enrich your inner-self, classes designed by Jackie, Ezmy and Kevintake.

Transformational Juice Cleansing and Detox Retreat

The detoxification is run professionally, and the daily regimen of fresh juices is exactly what is needed for all your nutritional needs.  This is actually a transformational journey that draws on Ancient knowledge to live a present life full of Abundance, Health and Vitality! The staff at Hacienda Del Sol will help you through some difficult cleansing times and provide you the tools and knowledge to put you on the path to better health and happy mind. The juice cleanse at Hacienda is for those who are looking to get away from busy lives and enjoy being in the moment, while cleansing themselves.

Massage and cleanse at Hacienda Del Sol

Purity: 7-Day Yoga, Surf and Raw Food Retreat in Costa Rica

Cleansing is a life changing experience. If you are looking for a quick cleanse or yoga immersion, you are likely to have a great experience here in Hacienda Del Sol. This unique retreat, combined with Hacienda del Sol’s gentle raw food cleansing program, has been designed to purify, detoxify and cleanse both body and mind.


Hacienda del Sol

Guanacaste Peninsula near Nosara and San Juanillo.

Email: haciendadelsolcr@gmail.com

Telephone: 1 800 350 4158

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