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gap year yoga

Though originated in early 1970s, the concept of Gap Year might sound a bit new to many. It’s basically an experiential semester or year “on” for the students to implement their class room learning to real-life problems or practical situations under the guidance of expert instructors. It’s taking a break between high school and college/university to think, work and pursue something other than academics to gain more hands-on industry experience and build personal networks to boost employability.

Gap Year Yoga has seen such an explosion in popularity in the last few years that many traditional yoga retreat centers have started offering special packages for Gap Year Yoga enthusiasts. Wondering why Gap Year yoga are so popular? Because of all the physio-psychological benefits that come from attending Gap Year Yoga sessions of course!

Costa Rica has become one of the most popular Yoga retreat destinations. A Yoga retreat in a spectacular, serene environment like the one you’ll find in Costa Rica is an excellent way to get the most out of your experience. So no wonder Gap Year Yoga enthusiasts are choosing Costa Rica for their Gap Year Travel. One of the main reasons Gap Year Yogis are choosing Costa Rica is that in cities like Santa Teresa, Montezuma, and Uvita you will find hotels, eco-lodges at an affordable cost and you can easily find budget yoga classes offered in nearby places! This enables you to take a yoga/beach vacation without spending a fortune.

Santa Teresa

You will find many hotels/resorts in Santa Teresa that offer great Yoga classes perfect for Gap Yoga Travelers. The list includes Nautilus Boutique Hotel, Horizon, Hotel Tropico Latino and many more.

Nautilus Boutique Hotel

If you choose to stay at Nautilus Boutique Hotel, you can easily join their yoga classes as they offer yoga twice daily. Yoga classes offered at their beautiful jungle studio are lead by world class instructors. Their certified Yoga teachers blend exercise, balance and wellbeing to create unique yet highly effective yoga sequences. The location is great too.

Call: +506 8954-0491


Horizon Hotel and Yoga Center

Hotel Horizon located into lush tropical gardens on a hill side above Santa Teresa. It is comparatively a bit of a trek up the hill but worth staying it if you are looking for a place to feel more secluded. Horizon offers an assortment of yoga classes. The highest point of the hotel is the wooden yoga deck that overlooks the ocean with a gentle breeze. You can enjoy your yoga classes here. The instructors are amazing who help you awaken your body and mind through yoga practice.

Call: (506) 2640 0524


Hotel Lucy

Located right next to the beach, Hotel Lucy is a perfect place to stay for Gap Year Travels and Yoga enthusiasts. As Gap Year Yoga vacationers usually look for a convenient, comfortable and affordable accommodation, Hotel Lucy can be a great option for them. They can stay here and join Yoga classes across the street at Montezuma Yoga.

Call: +506 2642 0273



Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

If doing yoga while listening to the ocean and monkeys wasn’t amazing enough, Ylang Ylang really makes it an experience of a life time. Ylang Ylang acknowledges that not every visitor is in need of the same kind of accommodations. That’s why Ylang Ylang can be a good option for Gap Year Yoga enthusiasts. The Ylang Ylang resort offers 2 Yoga classes per day with varying types of yoga. The instructors are friendly and experienced.

Call: +(506) 2642-0636 OR +(506) 2642-0523



Bodhi Surf

Bodhi Surf is perfect for Gap Year Yoga enthusiasts looking to explore a new area, learn new hobbies, get some sun and learn more about the world around them. Bodhi Surf offers an affordable and homey lodging option. If you are looking for simple and eco-friendly lodging, Bothi Surf is the perfect place. Bodhi Surf & Yoga camp provides community engaged surfing and yoga retreats. They offer a Vinyasa-style of yoga. Pilar Salazar is a great Yoga instructor who knows how to blend the right amount of yoga theory with yoga poses.

Call:  Office (+506) 2743-8453 or mobile (+506) 8522-2278

Cascada VerdeCascada Verde

Just above Uvita’s marine national park you will find a breathtaking forest. Cascada Verde, a family run hostel, is located in this forest. The view is outstanding. Beautiful view and mystical sound of the forest make Cascada Verde a Zen place, peaceful one to stay in the beautiful Uvita area. Now what about Yoga? Though Cascada Verde doesn’t offer Yoga classes, there are many Yoga studios nearby. You can try Bienestar Uvita Yoga Shala or Bodhi Surf.

Call: +506 -2743-8191

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