Central Highlands – The path to eco-tourismparadise

The beauty of the Central Highlands region owes much to the juxtaposition of valley and mountain. Today thousands of visitors seek out the Central Highlands, where coffee-covered mountains lead into a lush green valley. The Central Valley and Highlands of Costa Rica combine to make one of the most diverse regions of the country.

coffee-covered mountains in a lush green valley

Lush and verdant, dynamic and full of culture, the Central Highlands is a majestic, sprawling valley, flanked by forest-swathed mountains on two sides. To the south, the Talamanca range provides many opportunities for discovery and outdoor adventure. The northern border is formed by the Cordillera Central, a string of volcanoes including Volcán Poás, Barva, Irazú, Cacho Negro, and Turrialba.

an active volcano of Central Highlnds

It contains both active and dormant volcanoes, connecting Costa Rica with the Pacific Ring of Fire. This area is also a part of the continental divide that extends from Alaska through to Panama. The central highlands and its beautiful surroundings are an essential stopping point for those travellers exploring this marvellously lush country.

mountain slopes corduroyed in dark-green coffee bushes

With a lush valley ringed by volcanoes, the Central Highlands is the center of the nation. It has been said the heart of Costa Rica is in the Central Highlands, surrounded by steep mountains to the south, coffee plantation covered hills and several of the countries most spectacular volcanoes.  The mountain slopes are corduroyed in dark-green coffee bushes. Bordered by mountains and looming volcanic peaks, Costa Rica’s Central Highlands are a curious mix of national parks, vibrant market towns and slow-paced agricultural communities. The Central highlands, including the capital city of San Jose, are prized for their relatively mild temperate climate, with a mean annual temperature of 70°F (22°C). The higher altitude of this area makes for the pleasant weather year round that the locals call the “eternal spring.”

So If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, you must visit Central Highlands, the Heart of Costa Rica.


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