Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort


Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is situated in the foothills of Nosara. From Nosara Adventure Tours, this resort is 3.2 km away and from the Nosara Wildlife Sanctuary at Sibu, it is 0.5 km away. From the Safari Surf school, it is 4.6 km away. If you are seeking a place to enjoy a memorable Yoga vacation and want to enjoy relaxation, peace and rejuvenation, you can choose this resort. While staying at this resort you will get high-end accommodation facilities, delicious food and drinks, yoga and Pilates classes, Gym facility, Spa services and also find a boutique. From this resort within five minute walking distance you will find the world class surfing beaches. If you want to stay close to the nature, you will love its secluded area in the Nicoya Blue Zone will experience a heavenly feeling. More than the secluded Yoga classes and health retreats, this hotel location will also allow you to meditate, relaxed and to read and renew your inner self.

Yoga Studio:

YogaOpened in 2014, Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort has a Yoga studio that is constructed with hardwood floors and offers 360 degree views. In this studio you can enjoy practicing restorative meditation or a challenging Vinyasa style class. This studio is surrounded by beautiful nature and it allows you to feel the connection with nature at the time of practicing Yoga workouts and at the same time you will enjoy watching the stunning ocean view.


At the time of staying at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, you can choose from a variety of unique treatments and make your body and soul refreshed and rejuvenated. For all the treatments organic oils and lotion are used. You can take deep tissue massage and get relieved from chronic muscle tension. For getting relieved from the stresses of daily life, you can take relaxing massage. Lymphatic Drainage will help you to encourage circulation of the lymph tissues in your body. You can also enjoy Thai massage that promises to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. There are also many other massage treatments and facials that will make you energetic, refreshed and relaxed.


AccommodationThe Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort offers Bali style rooms which are equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities. All the bungalows are featured with air conditioner and WiFi connection. You will enjoy outdoor shower and swimming in the salt-water infinity pool. There you will find some wonderful waterfalls which will lead you to the bungalow. You will experience a heavenly feeling while going outside the door and enjoy the star-lit shower. You can spend some relaxed time on the canopy bed covered with luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets. Accommodation facility also include housekeeping services and security services.

Dining Experience:

This resort offers an excellent buffet of salads and veggies, refreshing and cold soups. Here you will also find organic fish, chicken and vegan dishes. For preparing the dishes, natural and fresh food products are used. This resort can make personalized service for those with special dietary need. You can enjoy fresh juices, natural smoothies, terrific Costa Rican coffee and healthy snacks at the juice bar of the resort. This bar also offers  Chakra Juices and smoothies that includes minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

Tours in the area:

Adventure lovers and nature lover, all will find plenty of options to enjoy a variety of activities in surrounding area of the resort. Canopy Tour is a thrilling adventure that also allow to watch the beauty of the nature from eye level. If you enjoy paddling, you can enjoy the activity around the Garza’s northern headland to the fabled Isla Rosada and can also visit “Coco” beach. At the time of paddling, you can also enjoy exploring the outer reefs of the south Guiones. Rio Montana and Rio Nosara are also great location for paddling on the serene waters. If you go for Kayaking, you might see blue herons, roseate spoonbills, anhingas and maybe even crocodiles. Nature lovers will find horseback riding as a great activity to explore the natural beauty of the river and also the hills.


Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort
Bodhi Street
Nosara, Costa Rica
Costa Rica +506 2682-0256
General Information:

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