Asana Yoga Clothing

Asana Yoga is a clothing company which creates comfortable, functional and stylish yoga wear. This company is currently situated in Nosara, Costa Rica. Asana Yoga clothing company usually make Yoga tank tops, yoga pants including Capri, half or full pant. Yoga wearings made by Asana Yoga are of different colors and can match the taste of any people from any age. You will love the different types of designs and colors of the Asana Yoga clothing. Not only clothing but also some other accessories like colorful bags also produced by this company. Asana Yoga’s new store Mandala in Playa Guiones, Nosara, Guanacastewith also have new yoga clothes collection which will also satisfy you and you will like to wear those types of clothing during practice. 

Tank Tops

Girls in Asana Yoga tank tops

Asana Yoga tank tops usually made in stylish way and in many types of designs. Girls who want to wear stylish but comfortable tank tops, they will like these tops.

Tank top Hoodie

Girl in a tank top hoodie

These tank top hoodie are also very stylish and comfortable. Girls, especially teenagers who are very conscious about stylish Yoga clothing, they will like these tops with hoodie.

Yoga Pants:


Different types of colorful Yoga pants

Asana Yoga makes different types of colorful, fashionable, comfortable, sexy yoga pants, capri, shorts for male and female yoga practitioners. There are varieties in style and colors. These yoga pants are very much comfortable. There are some fitting and lose fitting, short and long pants which you will like to wear.

Short Tops:

Yoga short tops

There are some shorts designed with ‘OM’. These short tops are available in different colors and sizes. These are very sexy, fit, fashionable and also comfortable.


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