3 Most Beautiful Beaches of Central Pacific Region

Playa Jaco


Jaco is Costa Rica’s wildest party beach, and a top destination for wave-worshippers and land-lubbers alike. Located in the North of the Puntarenas province along the country’s central Pacific Coast less than 2 hours from San Jose, Jaco has the reputation of being a ‘party beach’ with an excellent nightlife.


a beautiful tropical sea beach


Many refer to Playa Jaco as the Miami of Costa Rica as it is a mini city with skyline, infrastructure, casinos, fast food restaurants, large condominium projects, and of course plenty of nightlife. Jaco is known for being one of the best beginner surf spots in Costa Rica for the beach breaks (sand bottom) and good waves during high tides. There are lots of surf camps and surf schools in the area, make sure you choose one that is credible and especially certified to guarantee quality.

Manuel Antonio


Manuel Antonio’s location presents its visitors with not only the rainforest and beach but also coral reefs; perfect for snorkeling and checking out the underwater world. Between the main town and the national park, there are several world-class beaches in the area. Here, you can enjoy the wide variety of activities such as swimming, hiking the Manuel Antonio National Park, surfing, or simply relaxing while watching a vibrant sunset.

a beautiful sea beach besides tropical forest

Manuel Antonio is not only one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches, but one of the most beautiful in the entire world. Imagine: perfect horseshoe bays bordered by soft white sands, dazzling blue-green waters, and hilltops piled with jungle and streaming waterfalls. Dive, snorkel, surf, kayak, hike, or zipline — but don’t forget to relax and enjoy the unforgettable views.

Playa Bejuco


The beach features a number of rocky areas and coves primed for exploration in addition to its excellent swimming area and tidal pools, which can be found near Bejuco Point. Much of the surrounding area of Playa Bejuco is undeveloped however a few small projects are beginning sprout up.

beautiful tropical sea beach with coconut trees

Crystal clear waves and lush tropical vegetation make this beach area the special one.This is one of the most the popular fun spot with it’s classic quality waves best surfed at rising tide.  Playa Bejuco has impressively long stretches of shore break peaks year round; iridescent waters provide good rights, gnarly lefts, powerful hollows; it’s all here! One of the best features of this beach is it’s consistent waves and these waves make this one a true surfer’s paradise! Although Playa Bejuco has great weather and wave conditions, surfing can become challenging. Experienced surfers should have no problems, but rookies might need to find alternate locations.

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